100 More Things...

(This one is a work in progress...)

1. I like to think of myself as optimistic
2. But after reading my list of 100 things, maybe I'm not
3. I try to be open-minded
4. but I'm often judgmental
5. I have no patience for stupidity or ignorance
6. Though I'm sometimes both
7. I often give up on things if I find them too difficult to perfect within a couple of tries
8. Sometimes I find it hard to brainstorm
9. I like things in nice, neat compartments
10. I am not a spatial thinker
11. I don't "get" art.
12. I enjoy "live" performances
13. The best was an outdoor sex act at a pool party.
14. I don't have pets - 3 children was enough.
15. I don't tend to like things that are trendy.
16. I am a food snob, especially corn-on-the-cob
17. I prefer rural areas to urban
18. I have been told I am a great cocksucker.
19. On more than one occasion and by more than one person
20. I like to give more than receive.
21. Fucking in hay loft is not all it's cracked up to be.
22. Neither is the beach.
23. I have been told I have a very tight pussy.
24. I am not a squirter
25. but I do get soaking wet
26. I fucked a boy a friend was dating
27. It was so good we got together more than once
28. One of the 1st (maybe the 1st) skin flick I ever saw was Debbie Does Dallas
29. I wanted to be a porn star.
30. When my husband and I first started dating we spent an entire weekend watching porn and fucking.
31. We watched Behind the Green Door - it's a source for some of my fantasies
32. I read Deep Throat before I knew it was a movie
33. The Fredericks of Hollywood catalog could turn me on (I was 8 or so)
34. I wanted to be a stripper
35. I don't like being told what to do
36. I hate being told I'm wrong
37. But I'm usually not - just ask hubby
38. I don't think of my self as selfish
39. But I do have selfish tendencies
40. I've never tried ben-wah (?) balls
41. I think I want to
42. I'm a closet exhibitionist
43. I am a voyeur - sort of
44. I have filmed myself having sex
45. On more than one occasion
46. I've only fucked in a few public places
47. In a car, in a lake, on a beach, and under a plum tree in the backyard
48. I have never really like vibrators
49. They are growing on me
50. I have been to a house sex party
51. I prefer showers to baths
52. Only recently have I been able to orgasm more than once during sex
53. I normally have one giant orgasm and I'd be done
54. I hate being interrupted when I'm on a roll
55. I like being restrained during sex
56. I don't think of myself as creative