Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rise and Shine

Most mornings I am the one assigned to get everyone up and moving.
Some morning are easier than others.
Some mornings allow for more time for a soft, gentle rousting. I'm sure I mentioned that I love oral sex (giving).
So when the time allows I gently wake my sleeping hubby with long, slow, wet kisses down his back to his tight buttocks. There I softly nip his ass cheeks until he rolls onto his back exposing his big, beautiful cock to me. My pussy gets wet, but before I succumb to licking his shaft, I kiss his nipples until they are rock hard. I kiss and lick down his stomach to semi-hard cock. I don't actually touch his cock, but kiss around it, slightly grazing my tongue against the shaft. I move down his upper inner thigh to his bridge of aahs. I begin retracing my tracks until I find his soft, glorious balls. I love sucking balls. I suck. He moans. My pussy swells. I lick up his balls to the shaft. I get him wet all over. I move up the shaft to the head and let my tongue dance. I take his whole cock into my mouth and slide all the way down until my nose is buried next to his balls. I stroke his cock with my mouth. I feel it getting harder. Longer. His moans not so soft. He is no longer sleeping. I keep sucking and soon I begin to feel the flicker of his cock getting ready to explode. I go deeper; pull up slower and longer. Long stroking him with my hot, wet mouth. His body becomes rigid and his cock erupts. I smile.

"Good Morning, Dear."


  1. Wow! What a great description. That's what I call the right way to start the morning. :-)

    Is that pic you?


  2. What a wonderful wake-up call. How can you have a bad day after that?

  3. what a lucky man

    would love your lips around my :)))))))))))

  4. What a nice way to wake up in the morning.

  5. Well Lovey, you're quite the talented girl! Knowing that pic is you makes the story even hotter than it already is. Damn.... :-)

    I'm looking forward to more stories and pics!

  6. Wonderful writing, he is lucky that you like to give, but you are also lucky since he eagerly takes what you have to offer (not sure who wouldn't, though!).

  7. could I use one of those beautiful..