Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unrequited Lust 2

We are alone at your house enjoying a glass of wine. Reminiscing about our time together at the same work place. Your hand accidentally brushes against mine as we reach for our wine glasses. Your eyes sparkle with mischievousness. My thoughts wander...

I have wanted you for quite some time now. Do I say something or keep my secret crush a secret? 

I call you out on your mischievous smile and you smile a bit more coyly. We adjust our seating arrangement as I move closer to you on the couch. Our conversation does not slow or take an abrupt turn. We take another sip of wine. Our hands begin to make more contact; a gentle rest on the thigh, a slight brush against the arm.  You get up to pour us another glass of wine. 

When you return you sit a bit closer to me. I begin to caress your arm as our conversation resumes. You turn slightly toward me and my hand brushes against your chest. You lean in closer to me as I reach for my wineglass. I can feel your breath on my neck. I put my glass down and turn toward you. 

Our lips meet. Soft and gentle. A grazing kiss. A surprised kiss. We part abruptly and look at each other. The warmth of your lips still on mine. We smile at each other and giggle a bit. 

The heat we felt when we kissed is too much. We cannot deny what we felt. Our heads lean in toward each other again. This time the kiss was anticipated. It is deep and lingering. Electric. 

The phone rings breaking the spell pulling me back to reality. It's time for me to leave.

And my secret crush remains...