Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rise and Shine

Most mornings I am the one assigned to get everyone up and moving.
Some morning are easier than others.
Some mornings allow for more time for a soft, gentle rousting. I'm sure I mentioned that I love oral sex (giving).
So when the time allows I gently wake my sleeping hubby with long, slow, wet kisses down his back to his tight buttocks. There I softly nip his ass cheeks until he rolls onto his back exposing his big, beautiful cock to me. My pussy gets wet, but before I succumb to licking his shaft, I kiss his nipples until they are rock hard. I kiss and lick down his stomach to semi-hard cock. I don't actually touch his cock, but kiss around it, slightly grazing my tongue against the shaft. I move down his upper inner thigh to his bridge of aahs. I begin retracing my tracks until I find his soft, glorious balls. I love sucking balls. I suck. He moans. My pussy swells. I lick up his balls to the shaft. I get him wet all over. I move up the shaft to the head and let my tongue dance. I take his whole cock into my mouth and slide all the way down until my nose is buried next to his balls. I stroke his cock with my mouth. I feel it getting harder. Longer. His moans not so soft. He is no longer sleeping. I keep sucking and soon I begin to feel the flicker of his cock getting ready to explode. I go deeper; pull up slower and longer. Long stroking him with my hot, wet mouth. His body becomes rigid and his cock erupts. I smile.

"Good Morning, Dear."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something sexy

The other day I was out shopping for something fun and sexy for Valentine's Day. I ended up wandering into Victoria's Secret (just to see what they had, of course). I fell in lust with a very sexy bra and panty set, but alas it didn't come in my size. So, there I was, determined to find myself something, but since I didn't know exactly what I was looking for the sales girl convinced me to simply try on a few different styles (available in my size) to see what I liked best. This is what I found... 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am writing this blog because...

although, I have always enjoyed the sensations of sex; kissing, fondling, hot breath and warm hands on bare skin, soft lips, and stiff cocks, I couldn't talk about it.

I'd get embarrassed by it and feel awkward and self-conscious when sex came up in conversation.

I love sex, but I certainly didn't want anyone to know that thought about it.

I want to change this about myself. I want something better - to be better...

I want  to talk about sex!

So, I am devoting this blog to doing just that. I will share my thoughts, fantasies and desires. I will share with you things I have done and things I want to do. I will tell you how a 'midwest farmer's daughter makes you feel alright.' Enjoy.