100 Things...

I've seen this done on a couple of other sites and thought it might be fun trying to list off 100 things about myself. So, here goes...

1. I'm 38
2. I have liked every age I've been
3. Except maybe 22. My mom died that year
4. In a tragic car accident
5. I love to read
6. Just about everything: books, magazines, blogs, signs, greeting cards
7. I have been known to spend at least 15 minutes in a store reading greeting cards.
8. I don't necessarily like to write.
9. I'm not a journal-er, so not sure about this whole blogging thing
10. I don't think people really want to hear or read what I think
11. I think people don't take the time to work on penmanship
12. I am insecure.
13. I am relatively lazy.
14. I prefer to have things done for me.
15. I don't want to have to do them.
16. I don't like talking on the phone. I avoid it like the plague.
17. I like organization, but I'm not organized.
18. Neither is my brain.
19. But I do like to make lists. I have lots of them.
20. Sometimes my thoughts move so fast I can't catch them.
21. I've been married for 19 years, almost as long as I've been out of high school.
22. I have 3 children
23. My oldest child graduated from high school last spring.
24. I have had many sexual partners
25. But mostly before I was married.
26. The first time I had sex I wasn't really sure what was happening
27. But I liked it
28. I did it again and again and again...
29. I play hockey (ice not field)
30. It took me 5 years to complete my bachelor's degree
31. I had a head start with an AAS
32. I usually wear jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes to work
33. I love shoes.
34. Especially sexy shoes
35. But I'm fairly tall so I don't wear heels when running errands
36. I generally don't like my body
37. I want to have a tight, sexy hardbody
38. That's a work in progress
39. I work out for 45 to 60 minutes most days of the week
40. But I also love to eat
41. And bake
42. And cook
43. My husband and I are very passionate
44. This makes for some whopper discussions
45. In general I don't like shopping.
46. If I liked my body more I would enjoy shopping
47. Money helps
48. I want to try new things
49. But don't due to fear and/or funds (lack thereof usually)
50. I wear glasses
51. It's a love-hate relationship
52. I'm not into poetry
53. But I love music
54. All kinds
55. I really like pretty underwear
56. Most days I like my job
57. But when I don't, I REALLY don't
58. I have never lived outside of MN
59. I like the idea of nature
60. But I don't like bugs, animals or extreme temperatures
61. I like big bodies of water
62. But don't care for swimming
63. I have an addictive personality (especially for things I like)
64. So I don't try too many things
65. I've never done hardcore drugs (e.g. cocaine, opiates, acid)
66. Smoked pot once or twice, but didn't really care for it
67. I think too many people take too many pills to feel alright
68. I don't think I really look like either of my parents
69. But maybe more like my dad
70. I sometimes have a hard time reconciling who I am with who I think I'm supposed to be
71. I often do things because I think they are expected of me
72. Not because I want to do them
73. I have denied my sexual past
74. Until now
75. I have yet to hit my sexual peak
76. but I love sex
77. I love my husband
78. I wonder: can you become addicted to sex?
79. I wish I were more outgoing
80. but that whole I-don't-think-anyone-really-wants-to-hear-what-I-have-to-say thing gets in the way.
81. I'm fairly sarcastic
82. I have participated in 2 marathons
83. Completed one
84. I don't like running.
85. But I like what it can do.
86. I'd rather lift weights.
87. I don't watch much TV
88. I rarely watch movies.
89. I like women
90. I don't have a best friend
91. Other than my husband.
92. I don't have close friends for that matter.
93. I like stockings.
94. But prefer bare feet.
95. I like jewelry
96. Especially hoop earrings.
97. I don't really like most things in my wardrobe.
98. I prefer paper and pen to the computer
99. Even after 19 years of marriage and many sexual partners I am very naive about sex
100. I prefer to give.