Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Ok. So, I'm terrible at keeping up with the days and posting, but here I am trying again.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter. I wasn't quite sure how the day would end up. It didn't start out the way I had wanted (but then again it rarely does.) Here's the story of how my day ended...

OMG - it's all I have to say. Last night was completely awesome. 
I don't think our lovemaking has been as intense, erotic or completely satisfying as it was last night, in quite a while. 
I made a stand yesterday and requested the you initiate the process. I was tired. Tired of it all depending on me. I want to have unbelievable sex with you, but I don't want to have to be the one to always turn to you and say it's time. It's nice to not be the one in charge sometimes.
So, when we got home last night, after I showered and went to bed, I could have fallen asleep so easily, but then you came in shortly after I crawled under the covers and turned on the laptop computer. I was half expecting you and half not. The request I had made earlier has been requested before and fallen on deaf ears. Not last night. 

I read to you from TheSexExperiment. While I read I stroked your already half hard cock and you played with my exposed breast. It was wonderful. I felt my whole body come alive. I read to you a few excerpts from this very tantilizing blog turning us both on.
I don't remember at exactly what point it was that I finally decided I needed more and put the computer away so I could concentrate on the feel of my hand on your raging hard cock and your warm hands on the soft skin of my breast and nipple, but I guess that's not really the point. The point is I did put the computer away and I did concentrate on the feel, which made my pussy wet. 

I sucked your cock just until it was soaking wet and incredibly hard. I then slid myself atop that raging hard cock and my pussy melted. I soaked your cock and balls. I changed positions from sitting erect on your cock to laying flat against your chest to arching my back and half-laying back against your legs. Your cock felt so wonderful. 

I pulled off and laid on my back and beckoned you back inside. Your cock thrust in deeper and I moaned so loudly. I began to kiss and lick your neck to muffle my squeals so as not to wake the kids. I simply couldn't get over how sopping wet I was. I believe that made you all the harder. So hot!

You pulled off me and turned me onto my hands and knees and I felt your giant cock enter and fill me so completely. We moved in rhythm with each other. Your thrusts so long and deep. I had to bury my face in the mattress to stifle my cries of ecstasy. 

You slid out and pulled me back onto of you. My pussy gushing and I rode you all the way home. Absolutely wonderful. 

I could still feel you inside me today. I was great, albeit a bit distracting. Let's do it again and soon!

I had a very Happy Easter (ending)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another 5 Minutes

I want to trace my fingers over your tattoos; to outline them with my nails. I want to trace down your spine with my wet tongue. I want to feel your warm lips press against mine. I want to feel the heat of your hands caress over my bare shoulders as you pull me closer to you; your nimble fingers unclasping my bra.

Now your hands gently graze the sides of my breasts causing my nipples to stand erect. I gasp ever so slightly as I feel your warm breath on my neck and your hand slide down my back to the soft spot just above my rounded ass. I want you!

With your hands simultaneously stroking my ass and pull me closer to you, I feel my pussy getting wet and my breath increase. I look up into your eyes and smile slightly as I reach for...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unrequited Lust 2

We are alone at your house enjoying a glass of wine. Reminiscing about our time together at the same work place. Your hand accidentally brushes against mine as we reach for our wine glasses. Your eyes sparkle with mischievousness. My thoughts wander...

I have wanted you for quite some time now. Do I say something or keep my secret crush a secret? 

I call you out on your mischievous smile and you smile a bit more coyly. We adjust our seating arrangement as I move closer to you on the couch. Our conversation does not slow or take an abrupt turn. We take another sip of wine. Our hands begin to make more contact; a gentle rest on the thigh, a slight brush against the arm.  You get up to pour us another glass of wine. 

When you return you sit a bit closer to me. I begin to caress your arm as our conversation resumes. You turn slightly toward me and my hand brushes against your chest. You lean in closer to me as I reach for my wineglass. I can feel your breath on my neck. I put my glass down and turn toward you. 

Our lips meet. Soft and gentle. A grazing kiss. A surprised kiss. We part abruptly and look at each other. The warmth of your lips still on mine. We smile at each other and giggle a bit. 

The heat we felt when we kissed is too much. We cannot deny what we felt. Our heads lean in toward each other again. This time the kiss was anticipated. It is deep and lingering. Electric. 

The phone rings breaking the spell pulling me back to reality. It's time for me to leave.

And my secret crush remains...