Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 minute Fantasy

I admit it. I have a huge crush on the goaltender of the co-ed team I play for.

He's young, cute and doesn't take himself too seriously (fairly refreshing).

I see myself in an empty locker room with him. I walk in on him in the shower - totally oblivious that anyone is currently in there. I catch myself staring at his well-defined body. I'm not sure he knows I'm there, so I continue to watch him. 

I can barely restrain myself. I feel my pussy getting wet and my excitement level increase. I want him. I want to feel his skin next to mine. I want to feel the heat of lust and I want to take his big cock into my mouth and make him come.

He finally realizes someone is watching. He turns and realizes it's me, but instead of shying away he simply smiles and gives me a wink. 

The rule is you have 5 minutes to write and you have to stop at the end of those 5 minutes.