Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am lucky to work not too far from home and that my lover doesn't work days. That makes for some very exciting lunches.

The other day, instead of doing the usual and heading to a fast-food restaurant, we went for a drive. I was so horny and talked of sucking his cock for a good part of the drive. We eventually found ourselves in a fairly deserted parking lot. We parked.

He slid the car seat back as far as it would go. I leaned over him and pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked him while we made idle chatter. Teasing and giggling.

I bent my head down near the head of his cock and began to let my hot moist breath linger. I then slowly pulled his cock into my hot wet mouth swirling the head with my tongue as I went further and further down on his cock. Soon, my nose was buried at the base and my tongue darted out to lap at his soft balls.

I started licking up the sides of cock to the head and back down again. I stopped licking then started sucking his whole cock into my mouth. Stroking it up and down to the rhythm of his breath.

Time was not on our side and I needed to head back to work.

I left him hot, hard and wet.  I had a great afternoon and couldn't wait to get home that night so I could finish what I had started. :-)


  1. Poor guy left with a throbbing cock and no release. I hope you finished what you started when you got home and swallowed his load.

  2. This reminds me of teenage love. Did you feel like a teenager? And what a little tease. Hehe. Hope it was a good night. ;)

  3. You left him hanging like that? He's going to be too sore to do anything later. But it sounds like a fun lunch anyway....

  4. William: Of course, I finished what I started.

    Lola: I always feel a bit naughty, like a teenager, when teasing in a car. So much fun!

    Advisor54: No performance issues later - think it worked to my favor, in fact ;-)

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