Saturday, June 4, 2011

21 Questions 6/4

1. Sex in a cemetery or a Walmart bathroom?
Cemetery; a little bit freaky and completely outside (love sex outside)

2. Are you a voyeur or exhibitionist?
Definitely. Probably - voyeur. I love to watch (all kinds of things)

3. Do you take dirty/sexy pictures of yourself with your cell?
Sure. I'm just not sure how to get them onto my computer (not that technologically advanced, I suppose.)

4. If you were a hooker/pimp what would your name be?
Ooh, that's a tough one (something James Bond-ish I guess: Pussy, Fatima, Lovey?) I could probably come up with something more clever, but that's all I can think of right now.

5. and how much would you charge?
I would be on the high end (not exactly sure what that would be, but definitely expensive). I am sooo worth it. ;)

6. How long should foreplay last?
'Til my pussy is dripping, I cannot take it any longer and I begin to beg...

7. do you own any butt plugs?
No, can't say that I do

8. Hotel Sex with the curtains open? Ever done it?
Absolutely. On both accounts.

9. Sex at the in-laws or parents of who you are dating?

10. Feathers or Whips?
Depends on my mood, but most often Whips

11. Would you let your partner shave you?
Yes. I have on occasion

12. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
Outside comes in #1,  but I also really love to have sex in the living room on the floor in front of the TV.

13. Do you remember your first time? 
Yes. I remember. I may even share that experience someday.

14. Where was your first time and how was the sex?
My bedroom and a little disappointing, I guess. It was over so quickly I wasn't even sure it happened. 

15. role play for a minute? who would you be?
Sure. I could role play for a minute. I would be who/what ever turned you on the most (especially if I needed to wear heels and stockings)

16. sex in front of a mirror?

17. A song that makes you think of sex.
What song doesn't? Lately, S&M by Rhianna, 3 by Brittany Spears, and Paris by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

18. Are you horny right now?
A bit

19. What is your favorite body part on yourself and do you show it off?
I really like my eyes and yes I show them off all.the.time. :) I also like my breasts and I try my best to make them as tantalizing as possible.

20. Edible panties? Tried them?
Nope. Have never tried them. Never really sounded appealing (sticky, artificial, too sweet). Tried some edible body paint once and didn't care for that at all.

21. I need some questions, what do you want to know?
What's your favorite position and why?


  1. Oh I like your answers, we have allot in common, sex outside is so erotic